17 Gifts for Your Favorite Showstopper

This year the Gift Guide takes inspiration from favorite throwback movies, all available to stream now. Buy some presents, watch some old favorites, and close out 2020 with all kinds of good cheer.

Don’t let anything get in the way of glamour this season; look to Dreamgirls (2006, streaming on Amazon Prime) for a heavy dose of sparkle. The killer soundtrack is worth mixing into the holiday-carol rotation—enough eggnog will have anyone thinking they can belt Jennifer Hudson’s solo! Incidentally, singing a few choice bars from “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is an ideal response to anyone trying to coax you out to a too-large party, or to family members trying to guilt you into going home for the holidays. Send them something from this list instead! From a gold microphone to gems worthy of a stage, these bits and baubles will have their recipients feeling like Beyoncé—you might even get a “Love You I Do” as a thank-you. —Samantha Gasmer

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