Could We See An Illenium x Jauz Collab Thanks To Twitter?

One of the most common places for the idea of a collaboration to begin these days is Twitter. The ease that DJs have to speak with one another, and the passionate fans who want to see them work together, coalesce into some combinations we might not have seen otherwise.

When Illenium announced yesterday that he was doing a feedback stream tomorrow, Jauz chimed in jokingly that he would have to reschedule his regular Wednesday stream to whenever he finished. To that, Illenium replied to come hang in his stream, and a fan chimed in, “Collab omg?!”

These types of requests are literally a dime a dozen and most of the time just go unanswered, but this time, Jauz replied, “I’m down.” I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Of course, this does not mean that anything has to come of this interaction. Illenium hasn’t even replied to Jauz’s tweet, though the two could have taken the conversation to DMs, we don’t know. Regardless, the option is on the table and we’d be excited to see what might come of it. At the very least, if they do come out with a collaboration, we have @lakramrazik to thank for it.

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