DJ Mag’s #1 Club Teams Up With Brazil’s Largest EDM Radio Station For Live Stream Today

This global pandemic has forced business to get creative, especially those in the music industry. It’s also brought together companies in an amazing way to continue to service people with great music and happiness despite these hard times. Today, May 2nd, there’s an iconic event set to take place in Brazil.

For the first time, Radio Energia 97 FM together with Club Green Valley are performing a live stream on the station’s rooftop at iconic Avenida Paulista. Thinking about bringing quality entertainment to people’s homes in this period of social distancing caused by COVID-19, Rádio Energia 97 FM, the main Brazilian radio focused on electronic music and Green Valley, the #1 Club in the world 5 times elected by DJ MAG, unite. They will perform a live stream on today at 12 PM (PST).

Entertainment can’t stop, that’s why we joined with these two giants – Green Valley and Energia 97FM – and made an AT HOME party with total safety and responsibility, bringing excitement to the public in this quarantine.” – Ricardo Morsch (MoreBass Intent).

The project is called Energia 97 FM Green Valley Sound Delivery and has a live presentation of 9 DJs divided into 8 hours in the late afternoon in São Paulo. Some of the DJ’s include Fractall, Bruno Martini, and Pontifexx, proving to be 9 hours of incredible music.

During the exchanges of the artists, Adriano Pagani and Dimy Soler will mediate, answering questions online and bringing the latest news from the electronic scene while a complete team will sanitize the equipment for the total safety of the artists and people involved in the project.

All in all, we’re excited about this collaboration between Energia 97 FM & Green Valley because it’s going to bring a lot of people together and bring some happiness in a time when we all so desperately need it.

Energia 97 FM Green Valley Sound Delivery will air on Saturday, May 2nd from 12 PM (PST) to 8 PM (PST) on Instagram and YouTube of Rádio Energia 97 FM and Club Green Valley, as well as live on Rádio Energia 97 FM.

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