Do Those Fake Spider-Man 3 Titles Actually Reveal Something a Lot More?

It’s been a big day for Spider-Man 3 news. Knowing Tom Holland had the potential to leak secrets during his big press push for Apple TV+ and The Russo Brothers’ Cherry, in which the actor takes the lead, Marvel Studios decided to go ahead and officially announced the title of the next chapter in the MCU’s Spidey saga. Spider-Man: No Way Home took the Internet by storm this morning, but it was actually preceded by 3 fake titles shared by the cast on social media. While this at first looked like some fun trolling by Tom Holland and his castmates, there may be something much more sinister at foot, as it is believed these faux titles may actually reveal the true villain behind Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon all shared new images on their social media accounts, along with individual title cards that each contained a different name. It appeared to be some clever trolling with titles that included Phone Home, Home Slice and Home-Wrecker.

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The first two Spider-man movies in the MCU contain some variation on the word home, so it was expected that the third entry would follow. And as we saw on a draw erase board in a video that announced No Way Home as the official title, there were a lot of pitches made that included the word home.

At first, these faux titles appeared to be nothing more than a joke. But some fans began to deduce the fact that perhaps there was a hidden meaning behind these colorful logos. Soon, Internet sleuths were diving into the mystery to see if anything could be decoded. And sure enough, there is heavy speculation that this troll may actually give away the main villain. The most important clue is that the three title cards were delivered with a peculiar color scheme. When stacked one on top of the other, they reveal a big possible clue.

These logo cards clearly represent the colors most often associated with Green Goblin, who was the main antagonist in both the original Sam Raimi movies starring Tobey Maguire, and the Andrew Garfield movies. And it’s been heavily rumored that Willem Dafoe will be returning to play the villain in the MCU’s Spider-Man 3. Of the three on-screen Spider-Men, Tom Holland is the only Peter Parker who has not yet crossed paths with Green Goblin. As the movie reportedly takes place in the Spider-Verse, this provides the perfect way for DaFoe’s Goblin to come back on the scene.

Not long ago, Willem Dafoe was rumored to be on or near the Spider-Man: No Way Home set. Other people claim that the three different titles represent the idea of the multiverse. Perhaps the sequel has many different titles in the various timelines and parallel universes that our dopllengangers are all a part of.

Along with the title cards, the three actors in question also each dropped an individual image from the upcoming MCU installment. Perhaps they were all a bit innocuous, looking as though they’d been pulled from a Hardy Boys adventure. But the photos may contain something a little more ‘strange’ upon closer inspection.

We know that Benedict Cumberbatch will return in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Doctor Strange, playing mentor tp Peter Parker now that Tony Stark is gone. Are our trio of young stars in Strange’s mansion? Could be. So, do these faux titles hint at Green Goblin emerging from the multiverse? Could be.