EDM Reacts to Daft Punk’s Emotional Split with Gratitude

To say the dance music world is in shock following Daft Punk‘s split would be putting it lightly. Many hearts are broken, but there’s also a grateful tone moving forward as artists and fans look back on the music and memories.

This morning, the iconic duo put out a farewell video titled “Epilogue” bringing their immaculate run from 1993 – 2021 to a bittersweet end. See the video here, which shows the robotic identities of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo ultimately parting ways with a dramatic explosion.

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Today, Porter Robinson, GRiZ, Disclosure, The Glitch MobTokimonsta, Moore Kismet and countless others are weighing in on the unexpected breakup. Many of the producers we know and love today wouldn’t be where they are without the trailblazing path Daft Punk has taken. As they go their separate ways, one thing that will remain intact is the inspirational hold they have on so many artists and fans around the world.

Read the reacts below and share your favorite Daft Punk memories in the comments.

EDM Reacts to Daft Punk’s Split