Eptic Blasts Off With First Song Of The Year, “Stop Pretending”

Eptic has always been one of the most talented dubstep producers around, creating absolutely insane soundscapes with inventive bass patches and always varying rhythms. For his first song of 2021, he took it back to his old style with “Stop Pretending,” and it’s safe to say that this has reinvigorated a lot of people.

Eptic shares, “Beginning of 2020 I was touring so much I had no inspiration to make music, and when I was making music, it was music that people wanted me to make, not the music I wanted to make. This song is me finally having fun with music again and enjoying myself while I’m creating it!”

Launching off with a chilling vocal intro and melody, it quickly ramps up to the drop and that classic Eptic flavor is delivered. Punchy drums, bone-rattling bass, and those iconic synths permeate every facet of sound. Check it out via Monstercat below!


Photo by Travis Ferkitch