Introducing Vera Wang’s “Sleek and Modern” Chopin Vodka

For years the unwritten understanding among the world’s fashion elite, restaurateurs, and hoteliers was that Vera Wang loved vodka. From The Upper House in Hong Kong, The Carlyle in New York City to Le Maison Du Caviar in Paris, Wang became well known, to her surprise, for her love of vodka. “It became my thing, my signature,” she said. “You think that all vodka tastes the same but they really don’t, not only in taste but in texture and flavor—they are all very different.”

After experimenting with a wide range of vodkas Wang grew fond of Chopin, the Polish small batch vodka brand. When the company sent her a gift, Wang reached out directly to Chopin founder Tad Dorda, and a beautiful partnership was born. After two years of production, Wang and her team spent twelve hours sampling fourteen different samples of the final product—and today Wang is launching her first co-branded collaboration with Chopin, expanding her fashion empire into the world of alcohol and spirits. The fashion gods are almost certainly raising a glass.

“Chanel did number five, we did number nine,” Wang said, referring to the ninth sample they chose as the unanimous vodka favorite. Her vodka is potato-based—“I’ll never look at a baked potato or a French fry the same again.”

“I like to research, whenever I do a fashion show or a new line I like to learn,” Wang continued. The name Chopin had a backstory for her as well. “When I was a skater there was this one song…that I never knew the name—it was Chopin Nocturnes, Op. 9…it was meant to be.” Even the bottle had to function as an extension of the Vera Wang brand. The opaque glass exterior pays homage to both Vera’s love of black and her iconic bridal wear.

Describing her stay-at-home routine during the pandemic for earlier this year, Wang revealed her love of “A vodka cocktail after a day of 4 or 5 consecutive Zoom meetings with a tiny bowl of orange food: Goldfish, taco chips, Cheese Nips, and Cheetos!” Now anyone can grab their own orange snacks, a bottle of Vera’s vodka, and recreate the experience.

Quick Fire Q&A

: If you could describe your vodka’s fashion style, what would it be?

Vera Wang: “Sleek and Modern, it goes down very easy and it’s very smooth.”

: If you could have your vodka featured in one movie what movie would it be and why?

Vera Wang:Bridgerton! We’ll just send him (Regé-Jean Page) a bottle! I didn’t see them drink a lot of vodka on the show…” but, season two!