Lena Waithe and Friends Share Their Favorite Black-Owned, Queer-Friendly Businesses

To know what the community needed, Vanity Fair asked the community. I have always entrusted Black queer creatives that are in my tribe, like Crystal and Kiesh, of a very good job, and my marketing executive, Marquis Phifér. I’m a proud queer woman, a storyteller, a student, and a mentor. Everything in my life, from what I wear to where I eat, creates a full-screen view of Black legacy and excellence.

Being around so many artists and revolutionaries is infectious. Making a conscious effort to lean into those who are out here chasing their dreams just feels natural. Thank you for giving us space to put some respect on the names of these amazing people and their brands. It’s unfortunate so many Black people had to die in order for this moment to happen. We hope people will continue to appreciate Black life while we’re still alive, rather than waiting for us to die to give us our flowers.

These are just a few of the artists we want to shed light on for leaning into their gifts. Hopefully this will inspire other Black folks who are queer, and those who are queer allies, to embrace their superpowers and save this world from itself.

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