Perfect Gifts for People Who Keep Tabs on Every Headline

This year the Gift Guide takes inspiration from favorite throwback movies, all available to stream now. Buy some presents, watch some old favorites, and close out 2020 with all kinds of good cheer.

Whether the newshounds on your holiday gift list have always kept up with the churn of the 24-hour cycle, or the roiling political climate of recent years has succeeded in making a headline junkie out of them, these items are bound to excite. Take some pages from one of the most iconic cinematic depictions of journalism, All the President’s Men (1976, streaming on Vudu) with items plucked from the hustle and bustle of the newsroom (albeit a very chic one). From a smart tweed jacket to a fragrance that screams “Pulitzer-worthy,” there’s something here to bring enough holiday cheer to cut through the noise of the fourth estate. So for all the would-be Bernsteins and Woodwards out there: these gifts are hot off the holiday presses! —Arimeta Diop

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