Porter Robinson Drops New Worlds-Era Music In Celebration Of Album’s 6th Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of the seminal debut album from Porter RobinsonWorlds. While we took the chance to reminisce on the beautiful body of work, Porter took it one step further and gave out an unreleased live edit from his shows around 2016, “Shepherdess” and “She Heals Everything.”

These two pieces were heavily sought after and were long believed to come on the sequel to Worlds, though we know now with Nurture that isn’t happening. So he decided to give the edit away for free.

Personally, I still remember seeing Porter Robinson at HARD Summer in 2016 at the HARDer Stage, playing this in his set, listening to the whole crowd go absolutely insane. Those first couple years of live Worlds shows (and let’s be real, all of them…) were really something special to behold as he continually made edits to tracks and added new bits and pieces here and there to make them all unique.

He also shared he’ll be sharing a song called “hollowheart” on the album’s 10th anniversary that “was supposed to be on the album but I submitted it too late.”

Also, all that stuff about his music being “canon“? Yeah, you can feel fine about enjoying everything equally.

Travel into the past with “shepherdess-shehealseverything,” and don’t forget to grab the free download!