REPORT: MK Sues Management for $3.5 Million

MK has found himself in the middle of a lawsuit, in a case against his former manager Mark Davenport and management company MDM Artists.

The famed DJ, real name Marc Kinchen, complains the firm tricked him into signing an “unconscionable” agreement. He alleges that Davenport held a surprise meeting and pressured him into signing prior to a lawyer’s review.

The deal between MK and MDM Artists is for 10 years, which violates California’s “seven-year rule” right off the bat. The initial agreement was for six years, but included four more one-year options.

The suit reads: “Defendants fraudulently duped MK into signing a wholly one-sided, unconscionable management agreement in which Defendants inserted a series of ‘automatic,’ irrevocable options.”

Under the contract, MDM Artists would reportedly be entitled to earnings even after the contract is up.

According to Variety, MK is seeking $1.5 million in commissions, as well as $2 million in damages.


Source: Variety