Seanyy Releases Electrifying Single, “Memories” [Swerve Collective Creations]

As a breakout rising talent, Seanyy has already become best known for his diversity. Creating originals across all realms of electronic music and EDM sub-genres, Seanyy’s previous and forthcoming releases through his releases on Swerve Collective Creations are a testament to his artistic range. 

Originally hailing from Northern Baltimore, Maryland, the 26-year-old producer and DJ, Seanyy, also serves as a Finance Officer in the US Army and is currently stationed in Germany

Seanyy’s latest single “Memories” is a further testament to the greatness we’ve heard from his thus far. It’s an uplifting, energetic release featuring bright vocals and euphoric melodies that lift your spirit instantly.

Stream Seanyy’s new single “Memories” below!