The 100: Bellamy Blake Dies in an Explosion on Bardo

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of The 100. Read at your own risk.]

The 100 has never been afraid to kill off major characters, and given that this is the final season, we always assumed some of our faves would be lost along the way. We just never thought it would Bellamy (Bob Morley), and we never thought it would be so soon! 

This week’s episode, titled, “Welcome to Bardo,” filled in a lot of blanks about this new civilization that calls themselves the Disciples. Through a series of flashbacks from Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) time on Bardo when she was first captured — and then again after Hope (Shelby Flannery) stabbed her — we discovered the Disciples have memory technology that picks through your brain, which is how they know so much about all of our heroes without ever meeting him. Thanks to Octavia’s memories, they’ve become mysteriously fixated on Clarke (Eliza Taylor), who they call “the key” to winning the last war mankind will ever wage. 

We also learned that they didn’t create the Anomaly Stones and that they weren’t descendants of the missing Eligius III crew. An alien race that they call the Bardoans built the stones (and most likely the wormholes between planets), and the only thing left of this ancient civilization is their indoor forests and their crystallized remains. Even more fascinating, it looks like the Disciples were originally from Earth, if Gabriel’s theory about there being an Anomaly Stone on their former planet is true. Our Second Dawn theory is looking more and more possible by the moment!

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As far as reveals go though, these all pale in comparison to the episode’s biggest shocker, which was Bellamy’s fate after being kidnapped. 

After Octavia returned to Bardo for more interrogation, Anders (Neal McDonough) called her to the bridge room to talk her brother down. Apparently, after traveling through the wormhole to Bardo, Bellamy got the drop on his guards and was holding one of them hostage. Octavia agreed to tell Anders everything she knew about Clarke if he sent Bellamy back to Sanctum, and Anders seemed to agree to her terms. However, just after the bridge opened, one of the Disciples Bellamy had attacked detonated a grenade, blowing everything in his immediate vicinity to hell — including Bellamy.

So is this really the end of Bellamy Blake’s story? We’re not so sure. 

While there was plenty of blood spattered on Octavia’s face (implying that someone definitely got exploded), that doesn’t necessarily mean that Bellamy is the one who died. The Disciple holding the grenade is definitely done for, but Bellamy could have been blasted right through the open portal. He could have even jumped in himself when he realized what the Disciple was planning. Bellamy’s pretty quick on his feet after all these years in life or death situations. 

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More importantly, this doesn’t feel like the way The 100 would kill off one of its most important characters, if that’s genuinely what was happening here. Especially in recent seasons, when major characters die, there is a certain buildup and emotional weight given to their final moments. Not only have we not seen Bellamy for most of Season 7, but this scene didn’t feel like the hero’s ending he’d get if he ever truly kicked the bucket. If Bellamy is going out, it’s after one last amazing character arc where he sacrifices himself for the good of the many, with tearful goodbyes and a super emotional cover of Ben Howard’s “Promise” playing faintly in the background. This felt more like a “whoopsie, watch out for that grenade” cliffhanger that’s meant to mislead us.

Does this all sound like a massive case of denial? Sure. Do we care even a little bit? Nope.

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete evidence that Bellamy could be alive, meaning Octavia believes he’s dead — and so do Echo (Tasya Teles), Gabriel (Chuku Modu), and Hope, who witnessed the scene in her memories. And boy, did Echo not take it well. It’s looking less and less like anyone is going to escape Bardo, so it might be up to Clarke and the gang to find their way to Bardo and succeed in their own rescue mission. Here’s hoping they find Bellamy alive and well and ready to kick some Disciple butt for trying to do him in.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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