Tiger King Gets a Hilarious Joe Exotic Impression from Thomas Lennon

Comedian Thomas Lennon becomes Joe Exotic from Netflix’s Tiger King with a hilarious new impression. A lot of people want a shot at playing Exotic in an adaptation of the massively popular Netflix series. However, the Reno 911 star may have just sealed the deal with his spot-on impression. Lennon took part in an interview with Stephen Colbert to unveil his take on the tiger king and it’s something everybody should see. Colbert is interviewing “Exotic” from prison and spends nearly the whole time trying not to laugh as Lennon keeps riffing off the top of his head, calling Colbert a different name each time.

Tiger King has become a worldwide phenomenon and Joe Exotic is really enjoying his newfound fame, even while in prison. He has stated that he would love to have Brad Pitt or David Spade play him in an adaption of the Netflix docuseries, but he hasn’t seen Thomas Lennon’s impression yet. “I am actually a very down-to-earth, pistol-packin’, double-husband havin’ mullet man with a lot of joie de vivre, and a love of America’s cigarettes,” says Lennon as Exotic during the interview.

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Joe Exotic might not like the impression by Thomas Lennon, because it is so painfully real and accurate. When Stephen Colbert asks the fake Exotic about Tiger King, he declares, “Some of it paints me to look like a chicken-fried freakazoid who is crazier than downtown Encyclopedia Brown.” When asked what it was like in prison, Lennon went all out and spared no detail as Joe Exotic. He had this to say.

“…But let me tell you something, sir: Don’t just whiz in my soup and call it minestrone, Chris Meloni! Because I have been saying for so many Soleil Moons to the Frye that a great rain is gonna come, and a great rain’s a-comin’, and it’s gonna be a purple rain. It’s purple rain, so it’s gonna have Prince and it’s gonna have those purple people eaters. And if you wanna know something about people eatin’, ask Carole Baskin!”

Thomas Lennon also wanted to showcase the musical side of Netflix breakout Joe Exotic, which is heavily featured in Tiger King. He debuted an original song titled, “A Liger Ate My Shoes.” It’s at this point in the interview when Stephen Colbert comes the closest to losing it and laughing at Lennon’s amazing impression. While many want to play Exotic, they’re going to have to stand in line behind Lennon to prove they are worthy.

Joe Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison, so he’s going to be there for a while. Meanwhile, Tiger King producers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklinpp say they have a lot of “crazy” unused footage for a possible season 2. They also mentioned that the larger story is still unfolding, especially when it comes to Carole Baskin and Jeff Lowe. You can check out Thomas Lennon’s impression of Joe Exotic below, thanks to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s YouTube channel.

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