Tyler Perry Focuses on Four Funny Fellas in Bruh for BET+

Tyler Perry is probably best known for creating stories that center or speak to African American women: from the Madea catalogue to TV shows like his soap The Haves and the Have Nots, Perry has built no small fortune by depicting women celebrating, loving, laughing, and of course getting revenge. Now he’s focusing on the fellas.

In his latest project for the streaming service BET+, Perry’s dramedy Bruh follows four long-time friends as they navigate life and relationships through the strength of their brotherly bond. Friends since college, now-thirty-somethings Jonathan “John” Watts (Barry Brewer), Tom Brooks (Mahdi Cocci), Mike Alexander (Phillip Mullings), and Bill Frazier (Monti Washington) find themselves learning to stand on their own two feet while leaning on each other for support. Sometimes tough and sometimes honestly brutal with each other, they still manage to guide each other through every scenario with levity and laughter. As depicted in the trailer, the show offers a new, nuanced glimpse at black brotherhood that embraces vulnerability without relying on hyper-masculine tropes.

Bruh premieres Thursday, May 7 on BET+.

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