Your EDM Premiere: Posij and Former Are About to Drop a Massive EP and We’ve Got the Title Track! [Vision]

To date, Vision and DIVISION label darling Posij has put out some of the deepest and most interesting halftime, techno and even D&B releases these labels and others have seen. Former has also had some heavy hitters on Vision, Division and beyond. The pair have releases a number of bonkers bass collabs as well and so fans know when they see both names on a release like the nine-track EP Sun Tracker, it’s time yet again for more mind-blowing beats.

Stylistically, Sun Tracker is all over the board in the best possible way. There’s a lot of lo-fi influence throughout, with muted tones and a focus on balance between beats and synths but beyond that, pretty much every track differs a little in terms of beat pattern, tempo and tone. The style pendulum swings from the melodic, ameny progressive breaks of “Blue Flesh” to the jazzy, hip hop-tinged deep bass of “Shadowmoon” to the classic, heavy halftime of album closer “Half Monk.” There’s jazz, deep bass and funk throughout but each track has its own personality. And then there’s the title track.

“Sun Tracker” is probably the highest energy track on its namesake EP save for the equally intense “XBells” and sister track “Ultra.” It’s also one of the few that follows a semi-trackable EDM composition route with obvious buildups, drops and breaking. It’s a bit faster than most of the other tracks but the intensity comes mainly from the old school tech synths which introduce each drop, the cyclone-fast and oft-syncopated snares and the exquisitely beautiful vocal sample.  It’s uncertain where they got that vox but it has the intense and pitch perfect yet eerie and haunted feel of Alice Glass’s (fomerly of Crystal Castles) vocal work. It’s pretty, punk and creepy all at once and really sets the track apart.

It’s always great when you expect a lot from an artist and they still over-deliver as is pretty much always the case with Posij and Former. Their partnership has produced some of the best bass music of the last decade and with Sun Tracker it’s pretty clear they have no intention of stopping. Just a few more hours until the full madness drops but in the meantime, revel in the beautiful rays of the Sun Tracker.

Sun Tracker drops tomorrow, October 9 on Vision. No pre-order or pre-save links for the moment but check out “Xbells” here.