YouTuber Turns Watermelon Into a Working Game Boy in Fascinating Video

Have you ever looked at a watermelon and thought that it would be the perfect thing to play a Nintendo game on? Probably not. But a YouTuber by the name of Cedrick Tan did and ended up converting a piece of the fruit into a functioning Game Boy, dubbed the Melon Boy. Tan, a university student from Singapore, documented the process of making the creation in a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, leading up to him being able to play Pokemon Emerald on the unique creation.

The console was created using a Raspberry Pi, a small single-board computer, as well as a small screen, a series of buttons wired together, a couple of speakers and yes, a watermelon. Cedrick Tan took on the project as a result of boredom brought on by spending much of the summer in lockdown. In the caption provided with the video, Tan had this to say.

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“I Made a Watermelon Gameboy! Ever wanted a fresh new console? It doesn’t get much fresher than a watermelon LOL! Making a console has always been a favorite project for the RaspberryPi community, it’s one of those things you definitely need to try if you are in the scene. During the international lockdown I decided to attempt the project myself with an added personal twist”

The video takes us through the process of what went into crafting this Melon Boy. We see him gathering the supplies needed, including buying the watermelon that was to be converted into a working video game console. Tan also provides a quick breakdown of everything he used to make the console a reality, which includes, among other things, a power bank featuring Jake the dog from Adventure Time.

Cedrick Tan shows almost all of what went into the build, presumably so that those who wish to do the same can replicate it. What is most impressive is when the console is assembled and we get to see it in action. As advertised, Tan created a full-functioning Game Boy inside of a watermelon that people were able to play Pokemon on. It may not be the most practical or logical console mod in history but it is certainly interesting and impressive nonetheless.

The Game Boy was released by Nintendo in 1989, becoming a landmark moment in the arena of handheld consoles. It was a huge hit that produced a series of successors, including the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. The consoles have sold more than 118 million units worldwide. 2005’s Game Boy Micro was the last in the line before the Nintendo DS took over starting in 2006. Yet, the legacy of the Game Boy lives on more than 30 years later. And now, at least until the shell of that melon degrades, it lives on inside of a piece of fruit. You can check out the full video from Cedishappy’s YouTube channel.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb