ZHU Drops Wildly Different, Dark Techno Remix In Between Album Singles

We’re still waiting for more info about ZHU’s 2020 album, but in the meantime, he’s dropped a brand new remix for “Never Give Up” by Mathame, and it’s wildly different than his typical productions.

The original “Never Give Up” is a wonderful production with elements that remind us of classic trance and progressive house, like “Children” by Robert Miles. ZHU transforms the track into his own unique sound with staccato, padded synths and punchy kicks for the first 64% of the song. From there, it turns into an uncharacteristically dark techno banger.

While it’s off ZHU’s beaten path, per se, there’s still plenty of his personal sound to identify in the remix that keeps us interested, moving, and dancing (in our homes, of course).

Check out the ZHU remix of “Never Give Up” below!


Photo via Rukes.com